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ISO 9001:2015

Our Profile

Humming Bird Industrial Supply was established in 2022. Our goal is to be the number one supplier of nuts, bolts, fasteners, chain, Brass Fittings, Rubber extrusion products and a wide range of safety supplies to each of our customers.

We have direct access to Manufacturers which allows us to be competitive in the market and we work with over 350 Vendors to get the best prices for our customers.   Our large warehouse allows us to have plenty of storage space to house all of our customer’s products so that they can be delivered within 24 hrs of when the order comes in.  

     We are a company who puts quality at the forefront of every order. All products are tested and screened for quality assurance.

Just like the Humming Bird, we portray our company as a small business that moves fast to supply our customers with the products they need.   

Doug Darr
Branch Manager
Lucas Walker
General Manager
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